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step by step

To create your project, few steps are necessary.


First: the vision of your project, and your needs will be understood in order to give you personalized advices.


Then, we are getting to the step of composing. Either this is about music or sound design, a creative research will be done in order to build the foundations of the masterpiece that will match your needs.


Arrangement, recording, edition, production, mixing and mastering… The tune, melody, or sound composed in the previous step will be improved and enhanced.


After listening, you will be able to validate, or make request for some adjustments to achieve an optimal result.



Gaetan Boufflet began music at the age of 7. He first practiced piano and electronic organ by following long courses of music theory, he then discovered by himself some other instruments like guitar, accordion, harmonica, or violin.

This is by studying Cinema in higher education that he got passionate for original soundtracks and that he understood the significance of the relation between music and picture that is guiding the audience experience through the strongest feelings

Today, his professional experience gives him credit to adapt himself with flexibility to any type of proposal, either musical or audiovisual. He has only one goal: make every composition unique by bringing his personal touch.


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